Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co. 

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co. Grian is back on the hermitcraft server with a new diamond making idea!
#hermitcraft #minecraft
Noteblock intro by ZL: uzblock.info/post/video/wLGfgp2AgoVxoG0.html




4-Apr, 2021



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Nomli Nouas
Nomli Nouas 3 soat oldin
This was an amazing, wholesome, funny video ❤ thank u grian
Spencer Anderson
Spencer Anderson 8 soat oldin
For the themes, you could theme it with whatever blocks are in the shulker boxes around it. For example: a desert theme around shulker boxes full of sand
Currently in Noah’s Basement
How do people have such good imaginations I have a horrible imagination lol
Bluepotato81 Kun oldin
How about giving a tribute to all the video game that made minecraft possible
Reuel Allen Virata De Guzman
glad there are no minecraft airplanes
Francois Sparks
Francois Sparks Kun oldin
And I really wanted to have a tour of HermitCraft
Francois Sparks
Francois Sparks Kun oldin
Can I please meet you it’s my dream
Pandey Sanjay
Pandey Sanjay Kun oldin
A lot of mobs in glass so every body can see the mobs
beckyh2112 Kun oldin
Might could do an armor stand of Barry as the Assistant to the CEO of Barge Co.
Mathias Chrétiennot
17:54 at the start I thought it would be good to do the rollercoaster underwater then I thought it would take up space and it would be difficult to decorate this is where I had an idea I thought about your voice which reminds me of retro style art deco or steampunk that can be seen in bioshock this is where I said to myself that it would be a good idea to put the rollercoaster in a metalic underwater tunnel in the steampunk style
bowdon Gladiator
NEW BUILDING IDEA hey just as a building suggestion you could put a tripwire that activates a trapdoor where you enter the top floor on the new hq so it looks a whole lot cooler and to make this match make the whole floor trap door and you can still keep the Mr. burns thing by adding a "chair" behind it but it has no seat part
ryordie 666
ryordie 666 Kun oldin
what happend to the etho smells like beef thing
Deana Scott
Deana Scott Kun oldin
Sewer games
Re_dUckAblE s
Re_dUckAblE s 2 kun oldin
i hope that you made that kid from the make a wish foundation happy.
End Games6552
End Games6552 2 kun oldin
what ever happened to decked out???
T-shirt Gato
T-shirt Gato 2 kun oldin
Berry boss is an epic name
D Robe
D Robe 2 kun oldin
Cool grin
D Robe
D Robe 2 kun oldin
Hi! Grin
Goldenseat Gaming
Goldenseat Gaming 2 kun oldin
"because WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!" lol 2nd fav part 1st is make a wish part
Xxwinter-zombiexX 2 kun oldin
Who remembers mumbo for mayor?
General Griefer
General Griefer 2 kun oldin
Grian: "im gonna need some employees." me who knows he has impulse: "maybe you already have some.?"
Cory Allison Brown
Cory Allison Brown 2 kun oldin
I can honestly listen to the barge rollercoaster track all day
Roel Sandoval
Roel Sandoval 2 kun oldin
is it me or does grians voice in the juke box sound like the radio demon
D mac E
D mac E 2 kun oldin
20:02 wait i just realised that theres an giant E
Edward Jimenez
Edward Jimenez 2 kun oldin
I stan Grian
JCS_BBX 3 kun oldin
Make a theme so it goes through all the old hermitcraft seasons I'm probably late doe
Nicholas Lackey
Nicholas Lackey 3 kun oldin
This man is married :0
finpack 3 kun oldin
Krazy Kade
Krazy Kade 3 kun oldin
I like how Grian and MOST of the Hermits rarley ever talk about the entire pandemic! They make like NOTHING is happening in the real world! I love the Hermits
GamerCon3 3 kun oldin
videos might be a little bit slower than normal Laughs in 2021 looks at release date oh crap-
Palak Shah
Palak Shah 3 kun oldin
Angie Starz 2007
Angie Starz 2007 4 kun oldin
I'm your biggest fan And I love dinosaurs
Angie Starz 2007
Angie Starz 2007 4 kun oldin
Jurassic park! Jurassic park!
シBloxo 4 kun oldin
What if the shopping game grian made was called Friday night shopping?
The axolotl Animations
I found the source of the ticking its a pipebomb
John strout
John strout 4 kun oldin
Bdubs face theme
Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown 4 kun oldin
Me: oop b-dubs is gone Grian: WhErE iS mY bAbY bOy?!
Prince Pixels
Prince Pixels 4 kun oldin
Why doesn't he make a bunch of those maps and only put glass on them when he wants them on the wall so they keep updating
Justin Kinville
Justin Kinville 4 kun oldin
Grian: makes a MINI-chandelier Me: doesn’t have the diamonds for gear yet, let alone a mini-chandelier
Molly Sabaitis
Molly Sabaitis 4 kun oldin
Grian:I am terrible at red stone me:how do you power a piston again?????
Firedragon EX
Firedragon EX 4 kun oldin
All he needs is a coffee meachine
YouTube TREX
YouTube TREX 5 kun oldin
Your unndarated
the gamin spinolophosaus
Jurrasic park
Oak Less
Oak Less 5 kun oldin
Bring grain back
HazBoi 5 kun oldin
Barge coaster: an area with mobs you have to avoid by pressing buttons to kill them? Just an idea.
HazBoi 5 kun oldin
Or different areas themed on the hermits bases?
FadeSolo 5 kun oldin
theme the rollercoaster on the timeline of the barge from last season to this one
YOYODADA 5 kun oldin
Grain: loses all items to tnt Also grian: I think I’m gonna need a lot more tnt
1churbro1 5 kun oldin
Dude great minds think alike i was legit thinking he should do a jurassic Park theme thing
Green Harrington
Green Harrington 5 kun oldin
Bdubs face: *exists* Me: "you see that face? that's the face of someone that's gonna start another war"
Ollap 5 kun oldin
The mansion when on the map looks like a mantis head
Briony Rengelink
Briony Rengelink 5 kun oldin
I woud do a shopping mall
am2ar 5 kun oldin
Aight kid,time to say EEEEEEEEEE in the comment
Ricardo 5 kun oldin
Xano 5 kun oldin
Theme idea mushroom
K Bills
K Bills 5 kun oldin
Can you please theme it fire fighter. The shulkerboxes you could make them into humans and try to save them from the fire, maybe. Plz pick mine that would make the so happy. (also LOVE your vids) You are the best. -unicorn
Allan Ranke
Allan Ranke 5 kun oldin
My idea for the roller coaster is inside a train, like you go through the coaches and a steam engine that is inside of a tunnel.
the not hobit
the not hobit 6 kun oldin
grian you wholesome lad. heres some ideas 1. the turf war in a memory flashback like style. 2. mini land, basicly youtubers in a mini world of maybe England 3. space... no like actually space, i myself am in LOVE with space and it would be a great theme.
Tom Hegarty
Tom Hegarty 6 kun oldin
When going over the vault make it glass
Captain Zombie
Captain Zombie 6 kun oldin
Then it drops you off at a gift shop!!
Jaykofett 6 kun oldin
9:10 you were right about one thing master the negotiations were short ~ obi wan kenobi aka Jesus
Giselle Flores
Giselle Flores 6 kun oldin
Go to god and Jesus amen
Izzy Bunston
Izzy Bunston 6 kun oldin
One of the segments should be showing off how rich you
ISHAAN PLAYZ 6 kun oldin
We haven't seen mumbo for a lot time
Korbrent 6 kun oldin
There should be a theme for each season of Hermitcraft with several nods to previous events, like G Team from last season.
Sneaky 6 kun oldin
My design for Barge Arena is just a western railroad. Shulker boxes on chains, rails ending in front of your eyes but you do a sharp turn and keep shopping etc. It's an example.
Morella Továr
Morella Továr 6 kun oldin
Jasper Little
Jasper Little 6 kun oldin
Please Walking Dead theme
Demi Yeet
Demi Yeet 6 kun oldin
I have a idea for a theme. You could make the barge in different seasons as you go along!
CheesyDino 6 kun oldin
No Name - Codm
No Name - Codm 7 kun oldin
Add a dispenser with regeneration potion at the bottom tnt elevator so that when u get up, the hearts will replenish. Or at the top Tag: tnt, elevator
Cipherion 7 kun oldin
The shulker a should have a random chance of having a token in it, which can be deposited for better prizes! Only one per box max tho. Credit to Glamist for the original idea!
Teghan Bernard
Teghan Bernard 7 kun oldin
WAIT I JUST GOT THE PERFECT THEME IDEAS (not like anyone is going to see this) But if it’s called the HCBBS, what if you themed it after other people’s guesses for why HCBBS meant. For example, HermitCraft Bumbo Baggins Society, Or HermitCraft Big Bee Swarm. :D
Green Box
Green Box 7 kun oldin
Bro diamond beacon
techno_gamer 32
techno_gamer 32 7 kun oldin
I started crying when I heard he was that nice to that fan and let him become a part of HermitCraft
Ananth Swaminathan
Ananth Swaminathan 7 kun oldin
Start a bank, you can take loans and pay people back, just like a real bank, and let people deposit and withdraw diamonds, become the richest person on hermitcraft, team up with mumbo to make the banks automatic like atms
Owen R
Owen R 7 kun oldin
Grian doo you watch the Office (US)?
Ahmed Umair
Ahmed Umair 7 kun oldin
I would say you give a reference to every little stories like grum bot,turf war,election of mayor etc in the roller coaster ride hope you like this idea
Uncle Time
Uncle Time 7 kun oldin
You could have impulse as the assistant barge CEO cos he owns impulse buys which is "in" the barge
Brandi Riley
Brandi Riley 7 kun oldin
Omg grain the last one of the main yendere trio
Roberto Carlos Montalvo Rijo
The themes could be the different stages of the barge
Sapphire Moon
Sapphire Moon 7 kun oldin
Themes.. hmm.. each of the hermits? Or previous barge customers to thank them for their support?
Bird Bot
Bird Bot 7 kun oldin
I think that there should be an under water segment then It slowly spirals up then out of the water then stops at a tiny barge that resembles the barge when It was first made
Giraffe King
Giraffe King 7 kun oldin
I want to join hermitcraft is that possible?
Jackson's Construction Tutorials
Pewds should join hermitcraft
Ryan Bury
Ryan Bury 7 kun oldin
Idea for the roller coaster theme thing: make part of it like a factory with all kinds on moving parts that kinda distract the players from the boxes
DrReubenhood 7 kun oldin
one of the hermit crafters shoould just put thousands of beacons everywhere so that the mining isnt so slow and stuff
-ßøgdan -
-ßøgdan - 7 kun oldin
try the Create mod!
Logan Blunk
Logan Blunk 7 kun oldin
You should make the bridge look like the one that frida kahlo had
Storm Winter
Storm Winter 7 kun oldin
Penn T
Penn T 7 kun oldin
You should make the mini-game go through all the shops! (Not actually, just make it look like they are.)
Riel 7 kun oldin
13:35 just for me dont worry about it :)
Hot Dog
Hot Dog 7 kun oldin
Make a shop that sells doors at the end of the season Repeat this comment
Hot Dog
Hot Dog 7 kun oldin
Make a shop that sells doors at the end of the season Repeat this comment
TinyOwen 7 kun oldin
Maybe you could make the barge ride like a miniature world, with everyone's bases but just on the wall, or even 3D!
Zinat Sultana
Zinat Sultana 7 kun oldin
The assistant should be Impulse he does help by restocking sometimes
Midnight owl
Midnight owl 7 kun oldin
this episode should be called the plan
Kayla Kline
Kayla Kline 8 kun oldin
Grian i loved that make-a-wish part! I actually have cystic fibrosis, which allows me to have a wish! maybe it will be to make a new Minecraft server with you? i don't know. also, I am on my sisters account right now not mine XD.
Yep 8 kun oldin
Hey Grian, I'm really glad you got to make that kid's wish come true and that h got to be in your video. As nice of you as that is, I personally really wish that you wouldn't have treated him like an obligation. When you said "There's that detour out of the way" calling him a detour just kinda made me go ouch inside, and I do understand that this is very likely not the case, it really did give off the aura that you wanted him out of the way and done with. I know I really am just nitpicking right now and it's easy to misunderstand things and to criticize/overthink a content creator and their intentions but I thought I would just put my input here for incase you see it, and in hopes that it helps you in some way. Sorry for the late comment. -end of babble.
A animator
A animator 8 kun oldin
wait, bdubs is grians son confirmed?
TRD Gaming YT
TRD Gaming YT 8 kun oldin
grian is going to pull a mansa musa and abselutly murder the curency
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